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The Philosophy
At the core of Indigofera Prima Jeans is an unswerving dedication to quality, detail and craftmanship, an ongoing love affair with denim. The name is a tribute to the color indigo – the very essence of jeans, at the heart of denim manuracturing. Indigofera is the origin – the beginning of all denim – and prima is the ambition, the vision of old-fashioned quality and enduring workmanship.

The Founders
It should come as no surprise that the friends and founders of Indigofera, Johan Soderlund and Mats Andersson, have been active in the denim industry for decades, reaching a unique deapth of knowledge and expertise, and successfully carving out their irreducible and uncompromising vision of the dream jean.

A Color And A Brand
Indigofera is a name that pays tribute to the plant at the origin of the luxuriant and vibrant blue quintessential to the classic denim. At a time when the ancient skill and knowledgeof Natural Indigo dyeing is close to lost Indigofera celebrates the history and the people who still devote themselves to this vibrant tradition of dyeing – however, the intricate journey from plant to dyestuff makes this old-age method of dyeing fabric extremely exclusive.


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